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The behind-the-scenes. The underlying technology that ensures everything works smoothly (from data collection to automations).

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Data integration

Proper data integration ensures that valuable marketing data is collected and accessible to stakeholders. Being able to look into past data is an essential part of marketing experimentation.

  • Capture and understand all of your data
  • Ensure you’re not losing any valuable data along the funnel
  • Data sources — Dataiku
  • Data collection integration

How we can help

Our team helps you integrate the business’ key data sources. The data that needs to be integrated may range from website or app data to social media and email marketing.


Interpret collected data into audiences, behaviour, and product usability. With collected insights we optimise funnels and experiments to improve metrics such as acquisition, conversion, and retention.

How we can help

Our analytics team assists you in collecting, visualising, and interpreting key business data for all stakeholders to understand. Uncover how products, ads, and content perform. To collect data we rely on platforms ranging from Google Analytics to more advanced options like Mixpanel and Amplitude. For data cleaning, we use Excel and DataIku. For visualisation, we use tools like Tableau.

  • Google Analytics
  • Amplitude
  • Firewall
  • Mixpanel
  • Data Studios


  • Live dashboards
  • SoMe analytics (Pixel setup)
  • Data visualisation graphs

Technical marketing

Much of marketing efforts today are permeated with technical tasks. Whether they are one-off tasks or long-term efforts, more and more businesses choose to save time and outsource these technicalities.

How we can help

Our team helps you with the technical configurations of marketing processes. These may include starting from scratch or maintaining and optimising existing processes. We regularly work alongside teams of client-side data scientists, developers, and designers to ensure smooth operations.


  • Chatbots
  • Technical SEO
  • Email domain warmup
  • Website / LP development
  • CRM
  • Ecommerce (Shopify)
  • SemRush

Marketing automation

Build marketing systems that run smoothly and independently through automation. The goal of marketing automation is to improve the scalability of processes by eliminating repetitive tasks that are prone to human error.

How we can help

We help teams save time and scale faster by automating proven processes. Such processes include CRM, sales, email marketing, and content planning. We build workflows for automation within a channel or tool, as well as across channels.


  • CRM workflows in Hubspot
  • Email marketing in Drip


BDashboarding is an essential tool used in data-driven growth marketing. It tells the story of real-life data and helps teams make more informed decisions. Data visualisation through dashboarding aims to share insights quickly and clearly with important stakeholders.

How we can help

A functioning dashboard requires a good understanding of both the data insights and the business goals. Our team uses visualisation to adequately translate data into a clear, useful story.


  • Graphs to use in presentations

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