Marketing multiplied
Marketing multiplied

Marketing multiplied

The corporate venture builders

Stryber is a strategic growth partner and expert in venture building. With such a high demand for their services, marketing themselves was becoming hard to prioritise. In rapid sprints we brought them back up to speed.



Stryber is a business filled with talent, and that includes marketing resources. However, like many service driven businesses, they were delivering for their clients, not themselves.

Stryber needed an agency with a variety of skills to scale up their marketing efforts. A team that could blend strategy with delivery, just as they do for their own clients.

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There wasn’t time for strategic deep dives, a backlog of plans already existed. This included projects such as; copywriting for their website, document design for industry reports and animation for social media posts.

Doubles strategy was simple; do the marketing Stryber didn’t have time for.

Double became my marketing team, which meant working with a bunch of razor-sharp analytical minds with strong execution power. They came in and asked the right questions, fine-tuned strategy and delivered, fast and flexible. With their help I could do twice as much.

Charlotte Sachs

Marketing Lead


Industry reports

Milestone 1

Stryber used industry reports to full effect. From regional pieces to global trends in corporate venture building. Double created the document design and assisted the writers in creating quality content.

Lead nurturing

Milestone 2

Long sales journey’s create a higher risk of the opportunities going cold. We created LinkedIn newsletter content as well as a sequence emails that allow Stryber to remain in there leads peripheral interests.

Animation & illustration

Milestone 3

Social media is full of mediocre content. Using animation and illustration we created a beautiful selection of creative assets that stand out. From a 5 video series explaining corporate venture building to a comic book style cover for Linkedin newsletters.

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