Automating the future of farming
Automating the future of farming

Automating the future of farming

Worldwide leader in robotic farming

With operations spanning all continents, high-tech robotics products, and a highly complex customer journey, Lely turned to Double to help optimise marketing automation, customer education, nurturing, paid advertising and lead gen.

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Lely has been a leading innovator in the field of agriculture and farming robotics for over half a century. What started with the invention of the first XXX in the 60s, now includes a suite of advanced robotics covering every aspect of dairy farming, and over €800M in annual revenue.

For a farmer, to switch from manual to robotic farming constitutes an enormous shift in day-to-day operations. Investing in a Lely robot is therefore an extremely highly considered purchase.

In order to constantly stay top-of-mind and nurture farmers through the entirety of this complex buyer journey, Lely took on board Double to consult on modern nurturing strategies, help craft key content pieces, and lead trainings and in-house workshops to get all teams on board.

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Our approach with Lely was multifaceted. As a well-established and well-respected company, one of our main goals was to nurture customer relationships and establish Lely as the primary voice on the future of farming. We did this by delivering educational and supportive lead-nurturing sequences, landing pages, ads, newsletters and campaigns across several countries.

We also implemented new lead capture strategies on their websites and delivered workshops to Lely staff on the best practices in growth marketing.

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Bringing smart automation everywhere


Bridging digital & physical

Milestone 1

Lely marketing is physical, first and foremost. We collaborated both with Team Online as well as marketers operating in 15+ different countries to develop concepts and experiments at a global level that could be rolled out and executed in all markets across six different continents. Growth marketing touch points brought together digital media—email, social, video, webinars and more—combined with local physical touchpoints like events, trainings, sales touchpoints and in-person conversations.

Multi-channel nurturing strategy

Milestone 2

Double helped Lely develop both campaign-based an always-on lead captures, sales funnels and nurturing flows. No matter what stage a farmer is in, and no matter what type of solution he is looking for, he’ll receive marketing that is tailored to his needed and interests.

Dynamic personalisation

Milestone 3

Farming is different in every country. Whether it’s local regulations, the weather or the economic realities, each concept needs to be adjusted to local realities. All concepts and experiments we develop are crafted with input both from the global marketing headquarter, but also with unique local perspectives. Did you know that Parmigiano cheese can only be made out of a specific type of milk, requiring special rations and treatment for the cows for the best results?

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