Taking growth to the bank
Taking growth to the bank

Taking growth to the bank

Switzerland’s first digital private bank

Launching Switzerland’s first digital private bank is no small feat. Since the very early days, Alpian has worked with Double to develop and shape their growth marketing and customer acquisition strategies to reach their affluent audience.



We’ve been a long-term partner of Alpian from an early stage, delivering a variety of projects across the marketing mix.

From an investing “Masterclass” series to performance marketing, as well as designing and building their website, we’ve helped their brand grow. Alpian continues to invest smartly in its growth marketing and our agile approach has allowed them to change with their ever changing market.

We’re looking forward to seeing the next phase of Alpian.

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Building Alpian’s audience from scratch required several key components. The brand and message needed to be clarified and reinforced across all channels to attract the right people - leaving potential customers in no doubt about the services Alpian provides.

To do this effectively, it was imperative that the website was fine-tuned to capture the essence of the company, and powerful written and video content needed to be created to reinforce it. Once all of this was in place, paid ads and clever product marketing was crucial to capture Alpian’s target audience.

Our process

Starting from scratch meant we had to create our own learnings.


Lead nurturing

Milestone 1

The Masterclass is a 10 part email series designed to educate beginner investors. Working together with the experts at Alpian, we created this lead nurturing tool, giving vital investing tips to users but also positioning Alpian as the guide.

Funnel strategy

Milestone 2

Mapping the journey from unaware audience to happy customer is crucial. It allows you to be systematic in your approach and address each objection. It uncovers the places where leads are lost and therefore a clear place for improvement.

Data tracking

Milestone 3

Building dashboards is our craft, from GA4 reports for websites to Datastudio overviews for Apps. Alpian’s customer journey has been visualised into data storytelling, allowing them to make quick decisions at any point in the journey.

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