Hey, we’re

Devoted coffee lovers

Lunch time jokers

Philosophical debaters

Part-time bag designers

Fair-weather sailors

Copywriting Kiwis

A bunch of nerds who've mastered marketing and love to try it out on the world.

On the job, we help our clients understand the inner workings of their marketing. Then we build systems that acquire, convert and maintain customers. Doing everything necessary to find a strategy that works.

Off the job, we love to be outside our comfort zones. We travel to wonderful places and chase our ambitions. People at Double often have side projects and they're perpetually curious about everything. In short, we're easily bored and can't sit still.

Double, then Double again.

And guess who’s hiring?

Would you feel at home in an environment where…

The group chat is filled with equal parts inspiration and laughs

All of your colleagues ferociously learn in their spare time (and work on cool side projects)

The team works from around the globe (and everyone's welcome to visit)

Then check out the roles we’re looking for:

All-round Marketing Consultant

Amsterdam or Remote


Amsterdam or Remote

Performance Marketing Consultant

Amsterdam or Remote

That’s us

Long story short, you should send us an email if you’re looking for a technical crew who are showing others how marketing is done (who’ll also make you laugh enough to keep around).

Go on, do it. And if we work together,1% of your cash will power disease prevention in the world’s poorest communities. Hell yeah.
Email : pieter@double-agency.com
WhatsApp : +316 230 555 90

Talk soon.

Email:pieter@double-agency.comWhatsApp:+316 230 555 90 Telegram: @doubleagency

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